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At Thompson & Associates Insurance Inc., we take a consultative approach and make clients feel like family. We take this same approach when dealing with your employees and staff.

We are well respected in the insurance and financial services community and have an extensive wealth of knowledge, over 35 years combined. We are here to help you both in business and your personal needs. 

At Thompson & Associates Insurance Inc., we do this using a 3-step approach making sure we can separate your needs from your wants. We understand that every business is different and should be treated that way.


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Covered California is a state-based insurance exchange (on-exchange) that is a place for Individuals to gain access to Affordable Care and subsidies. These subsidies are paid out by the state to insurance providers (L.A. Care, Health Net, Molina, Oscar, Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, etc). These subsidies decrease the cost of insurance for those who can qualify.


On & Off Exchange

Health Insurance 

Hospital Indemnity





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On & Off Exchange

Health Insurance




Aflac Supplemental


Travel In-Bound



Workers Comp



Life Insurance


Critical Illness





Travel Out-Bound Insurance 





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About Antawong

Antawong has spent the last 20 years helping clients and businesses all throughout the United States. He has helped them by providing the best possible worksite solutions and benefits for their employees and fulfilling the company needs. 


He has a high passion for mentoring young adults helping them navigate through business and entrepreneurship he prides himself on being a life coach for these young adults.

He's been married to the same woman for 27 years. He has 4 children. 3 adult children, who are married, Marquise, Breyahnna, and Antawong Jr. The youngest is Auriana, the last one still at home and in High school. 


He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather of 6.


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