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  • Benefits payable for fractures, dislocations, lacerations, concussions, burns…and more

  • Benefits payable for initial treatment, x-rays, major diagnostic, and follow up treatments

  • Pays $1,500 first night in the hospital, $300 each night after that for 365 days

  • Pays $125 for initial doctor’s visit due to an injury

  • Also includes whole life Accidental death life insurance

  • Wellness benefit for annual routine exams

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  • Protects your assets due to illness, injury, or maternity leave which may put you out of work

  • This policy will help to protect your paycheck

  • Designed to be used as rent or mortgage protection

  • $500-$6,000 of monthly benefits (Subject to Income)

  • Benefit Period: 6 to 24 months

  • Guaranteed-issue option available

  • Fixed benefit amounts for sickness, accident, or childbirth

  • Benefits for Physician visits

  • Lab tests, x-rays, medical diagnostics, and imaging exam benefits

  • Pays $700-$1,200 for Hospital Confinement, $100 ER visit

  • Covers surgeries depending on the severity

  • Initial Diagnosis Benefit: Insured and Spouse $6,000 | Child: $12,000

  • Covers Imaging, Second Opinions, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Surgeries

  • Surgery Benefit: $140-$5,000

  • Hospitalization confinement from $300-$600 days with no lifetime maximum

  • Home health care, Hospice care, Nursing services, Extended-care facility benefits

  • Wellness benefit cancer screening annual check-up: $100/year per covered person

  • Covered events include Heart Attack, Stroke, Coma, Paralysis, Third-degree burns, and more

  • Pays $7,500 upon diagnosis of specified health event

  • Pays $300 per day for covered hospital stays with no lifetime maximum

  • Subsequent specified health event coverage

  • Continuing Care Therapy benefits include rehabilitation, physical, speech, occupational and more

  • Includes annual eye exam benefit to cover up to $45

  • Option to choose any eye-care provider

  • Covers materials such as glasses and contacts

  • Eye-care benefits for eye surgeries, specific eye diseases/disorders, and permanent visual impairment

  • The policy is designed to work as a stand-alone or to work with an existing vision plan

  • Supplemental dental that works with your existing coverage to help with out-of-pocket expenses
    or as a stand-alone coverage

  • Pays for crowns, fillings, root canals, x-rays, and annual preventive care

  • Pain management and adjunctive services

  • Oral surgery, gum treatments, and prosthetic repair

  • Option to choose any dentist

  • Building benefits

  • Term and Whole life options

  • Ability to choose your desired amount of coverage

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